Being the editor-in-chief of THE INTERNATIONAL REVIEW I am delighted by the challenge of creating a journal that encourages research and interdisciplinary communications. The journal is published twice a year and it contains papers, articles and book reviews in areas such as unemployment, inflation, economic underdevelopment, globalisation and international economic integrations, finances, changes in forms and limits of markets and planning, organizational culture and behaviour, management, transformations of industrial organizations and economic systems, experimental studies on economy and unequal development and instability of world economy. In addition to these, the journal also covers topics such as environmental issues, economic stabilization, labour relations, monetary management and other topics in the domain of economy.

THE INTERNATION REVIEW is also open to interdisciplinary and other research papers that explore innovative approaches and provide a critical contribution to the theory of economy, discuss the rules of economy and interpret current economic changes.

Prof. Dr. Mirjana Radovic Markovic, FRSA, FWAAS, FEMAAS